Self-Administered Benefits

Medium and large companies can save money using a self-administered plan in a new, different and better way
Self-administered Programs Unibenco helps design a complete solution that addresses the increasing cost of group benefit programs including: 
  • Plan analysis
  • Health and Welfare Trust or an ASO plans
  • Stop-loss protection
  • Fully insured benefits
  • Claims administration software
  • On-going support

What are the benefits?     
  • Cost reduction without affecting employees’ satisfaction 
  • Low administration fees and agent commissions
  • Tax-deductible contributions to the Health and Welfare Trust
  • Both partners and employees are eligible to participate
  • Permanent access to claim status reports
  • On-going plan support
Health Benefits
How does the program work?
Self-administered Benefits

Unibenco helps you set up a Health and Welfare Trust and provides the support required to process claims with increased efficiency and minimal cost. Claims can be submitted either by the employees or directly by physicians and dentists. Administering a network of preferred providers is also possible to further enhance your group benefits program and improve cost control.


What do you start?

Analyze and design your own plan
Unibenco helps you establish the savings potential and assists in the design of the plan in accordance with your objectives and needs
Unibenco prepares employee benefit booklets and design enrollment forms

Set up a Health and Welfare Trust
Unibenco provides assistance to set up the Health and Welfare Trust and determine adequate contribution levels based on previous experience data

Administer claims submitted to the HWT
Claims can be adjudicated and paid directly by the Health and Welfare Trust, by an ASO plan or by a Third Party Administrator. Optionally, Unibenco can provide dental claims adjudication services.