Workplace Accident Insurance


The policy covers injury sustained by the insured while participating in training, work trials or in an occupational rehabilitation program while on the premises or on a work assignment at the express direction of the Policyholder. This policy is intended to provide accident coverage for persons whose inclusion in WSIB is not mandatory but it does not replace WSIB coverage.


Individuals, under age 70,  who are not covered by WSIB and who are participating in training and work trial programs approved and sponsored by the Policyholder, or
Individuals, under age 70, who are not covered by WSIB and who are participating in a rehabilitation program with respect to a loss covered under a motor vehicle policy or under a long term disability policy.



The plan includes:
-Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Specific Loss Indemnity
-Permanent Total Disability
-Accidental Medical Expenses
-Weekly Accident Indemnity
-Home-Maker Weekly Indemnity

-Education Benefit
-Exposure and Disappearance
-Limited Air Travel Coverage
-Rehabilitation Benefit
-Spousal Retraining Benefit

The policy is subject to a minimum retained annual deposit premium, adjusted at the weekly rates ranging from $2.70 to $9.35 depending on the enrollment Class
Aggregate Limit
The aggregate limit is $450,000.00 per any one accident